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GAGGIA Synchrony Logic silver coffee machine

A totally automatic coffee machine which will surprise you with its simplicity thanks to its clear and easy to control panel.

Its simple, smooth and eye-cathing appearance, high capacity and good performance allow us to use it in office, because it works perfectly.

Technical information

Power supply                                                                     230V 60Hz 1250W
Brewing group                                                                   Removable
Water pump pressure                                                        15 bar
Digital Display LCD                                                            Yes
Electronic control panel                                                      Electronic
Double Heating system                                                      Yes
Coffee-Grinder                                                                   Automatic
Coffee beans container capacity                                         250 g
Grind regulator                                                                  Yes
Pre-ground coffee option                                                   Yes
Grams of coffee per cup                                                     6 - 9 g
Electronic setting of coffee quantity                                    Yes
Prebrewing                                                                         Yes
Pre-grinding dose                                                               Yes
Removable water tank                                                        Yes
Water tank capacity                                                            2-3 l
Drip-tray                                                                            Removable
Coffee gorunds container                                                   Removable
Coffee grounds container capacity                                      13
Hot water and steam output                                              Yes
Rapid Steam                                                                       Yes
Steamer                                                                             Yes
Adjustable coffee dispenser                                                Yes
Coffee delivery                                                                  Preparation of 2 cups at the same time
Cup shelf                                                                           Yes
Active cup warmer                                                              Yes
Wash / cleaning cycle                                                          Yes
Descaling cycle                                                                   Yes
Other                                                                                 Revolving plate
Size cm (L x H x D)                                                              28 x 39 x 38,5
Weight                                                                                10 kg
Bodywork                                                                            Stainless steel

Removable brewing unit Removable brewing unit: The removable brewing unit allows for great ease of use and straightforward cleaning and maintance

Built-in coffee grinder Built-in coffee grinder: The built-in coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee beans on demand and serce fantastic freshly ground coffee

Swivel steamer Steamer: The steamer allows manual frothings of milk and delivers hot water for tea.

Digital LCD control panel Digital LCD control panel: Allows you to adjust all settings for coffee making as you go along

Adjustable-height coffee dispensing head Adjustable-height coffee dispensing head: Choose your cup size

Coffee doser Coffee doser: Ability to use ground coffee as well as coffee beans

Pre-infusion Pre-infusion: Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee, adjustable through the LCD control panel

Active cup warmerActive cup warmer: Boosts the temerature of the cups with a cup warming electrical element

Power management Power management: Ability to reduce power consumption during off-peak business periods

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